In 2006 King & Country was founded on the simple notion that the right combination of creative talent could (and should) do it all. From creative inception to production, through every layer of editorial, animation, CG/VFX and post production finishing – we offer a tightly collaborative team of the best talent under one sunny roof. That means we have the know-how to execute a campaign entirely in-house from the conceptual design phase to the shoot, through the animatic to editorial, animation, VFX and delivery.
King & Country / Dickies “Flex”
K+C directed this campaign taking it to the next level visually and stylistically for Dickies Flex, evolving their work for the brand and positioning the new groundbreaking Flex line of products as the world’s leading performance work wear. Shooting with a Phantom Flex on the ultra-high-speed Bolt motion-control rig, we were able to fluidly and seamlessly change speeds to highlight key moments in the story and emphasize vital details about the product.
Motel 6 “Room To Room”
K+C directed “Room to Room” highlighting Motel 6’s nationwide renovations through a seamless journey of ‘in-the-nick-of-time’ gags. We shot over 3 days on location at an LA Motel 6 and a green screen stage, which afforded us space for large room builds a turntable, and Motion-Control rigs for a multitude of setups. From a production perspective, the challenge was capturing dynamic, expansive camera moves, such as the 360-degree shots, while maintaining a cohesive look. Our VFX & post team was brought on very early enabling us to have an extensive previs process which allowed us to work efficiently on set.
Honda “Interior Love”
To give “Interior Love” a look of its own, K&C considered Jeff Koons as inspiration for showcasing each of our reviews as a mylar balloon. The camera moves through the inside of the Civic as text balloons inflate before our eyes. So many inflate that they quickly fill the interior, pushing us outside. As the doors burst open and the balloons spill out of the car, they join more that are drifting in to comprise the cloud. Though this was originally intended to be a traditional typographic spot, K&C successfully translated it into one with sleight-of-hand VFX, where typography lives in an organic and natural way on the screen, not feeling forced in its execution and not to mention so photo-real you could reach out and touch them.
Ford “Transit”
K+C came up with our “Pods” concept to clearly illustrate how a diverse range of professionals can effortlessly utilize the Transit models – from contractor to express deliveryman to IT specialist. Taking the viewer through a series of stylized environments, the action reveals a variety of visually driven, self-contained scenes of people interacting with their customized Transits in fun yet functional ways because it is their office. K+C directed, designed and finished every element of the commercial, which includes fully CG Transit vehicles and CG environments, a practical water-flooded room set, and complex Motion-Control camera moves.