At Le Cube our credo is that excellence is a constant pursuit and that to achieve it we need to refine the fundamentals of our craft every single day. Our works in film and illustration include character-driven animations in 2D and 3D, motion graphics, stop motion, live action, and sometimes even a mix of all those styles. We love to design stories for classical outlets such as TV and Internet, but we also enjoy every moment of projects where it is possible to tell stories using different media such as VR, 360˚ videos, interactive installations, and AR. We are masters of the classical techniques and lovers of new technologies.  Our offices are located in the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and São Paulo and, additionally, we are present in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Madrid. We are a global creative production partner working with the world’s leading agencies, biggest brands, and innovative media and technology companies, helping them to create, execute and deliver award-winning content. Our projects have been awarded at festivals like Cannes Lions, Ciclope, NY Festivals, LIA, Clio, Promax, and BassAwards among others. Send us your ideas, and we'll give you back the best-crafted results, made with passion and excellence.

Le Cube / Spotify - Pet Playlist
Bringing compelling characters to life (in this case a menagerie of achingly lovable pets) is what Le Cube does best. And what better way to do that than to a soundtrack of carefully curated, personalised (animalised?) tunes with our friends on Spotify. From every Le Cuber and their dog (and other assorted animals) they invited you to hit play and get those tails wagging!
Le Cube / Ciclope 2019 Opener
The 80's and 90's might be remembered as a nostalgic, simpler time of Super Nintendo, B-ball, fresh kick but in fact, they are so much more When we think about it, it is those iconic generations that brought us to our current artistic and creative market, one of applied artistic skills and ideas, different style and path in life. Our world has never been bigger and we can thank the adventurous "creative industry generation" of the 80's and 90's for that. Inspired by this journey, Le Cube brings us their film created as opening titles for the equally cool Ciclope Festival. The event took place in Berlin on November 5 & 6 and Le Cube had the double honor of being chosen Animation Company of the Year by the festival's jury.
Le Cube / FollowFood - In Your Hands
Followfood isn’t just another sustainable food brand; they are a real movement for raising awareness in consumer habits around the world. In this PSA, Le Cube teamed up with TankTank Hamburg to raise the awareness that food consumption habits matter and change our planet, for good or for evil. For "In your Hands" film, they developed an art showing a contrast between the sad planet made by bad decisions and the hopeful world in humankind when changing consumption habits for sustainable choices. It was a challenge not to end by showing cliche portraits of waste and animal cruelty since they are always so powerful. Whoever follows Le Cube's works knows their obsession for elegant designs and fluidity movements, so for this animation, they work hard in finding a way to generate this sad world but with distinctive designs, with uniqueness and aesthetic solidity. After so many years doing animation, they know that the way to impact the world with powerful and meaningful messages is to showing unique designs that transmit Le Cube's soul and heart. We hope by watching this film, you give a second thought on the next time you do your groceries, thinking that your choices impact the whole world.
Le Cube / Reel - 2020
Noticas "Man On The Moon"
When did you know what you were going to be when you grew up? It’s around these life changing moments that revolves this new campaign, created by SCPF for Spain’s news channel Antena 3 and animated by Le Cube. A total of four films were crafted using Le Cube’s very own mix of different animation techniques — supported by the talents of 15 illustrators and 41 art styles — bringing to life very different memories and events that forged the lives of the channel’s main journalists.
Cartoon Network "Twenty Five Years"
Cartoon Network has always been an inspiration for kids everywhere. So much so, that even many grown-ups who work in animation do it exactly because of how much they loved Cartoon’s creations when they were young. That’s why it was such a gigantic honor for us at Le Cube, after we too were not so long ago just kids sitting in front of the TV amazed by what we saw, to create the channel’s 25th-anniversary celebration film.
Boxing Cat Brewery "First Blood"
RGA Shanghai’s latest collaboration with Final Frontier and Le Cube is a berserk animation for Boxing Cat Brewery’s new Amber Lager, a theme-song-cum-opening-credits action film about a superhero cat boxer intent on ridding China’s cities of mundane liquor, one haymaker at a time.
Michelin "Real Heroes - Doug"
Together with Vice NY and Not To Scale we created three animated spots telling the true stories of Michelin customers who had their "bacon" saved by Michelin employees. With a little bit of inspiration in some classic cartoons and listening to a lot of Jazz, we came out with three charming, elegant and funny animations fully character driven. And a huge plus, we had the honor to co-direct the spots with our pal and colleague at Not To Scale, Colin Hesterly.
REDBULL / MTV "Sound Clash"
MTV Brazil and Red Bull joined forces to create a show where a pair of famous bands with different sounds and styles, play from opposite stages competing for the devotion of fans crowded the room. Our job here was to create an ID for the show that could convey both the different music styles and the competition between them.
Nike "The Road to HBL"
Made with R/GA Shanghai and Final Frontier, "The Road To HBL" animation was crafted for an interactive experience "choose your own adventure" style, which allowed the user to build a personal story as a Nike's High School Basketball League player. 210 seconds of animation was produced generating 700 possible combinations of storylines. Watch our favorite combination here.