Global Mechanic is an award-winning animation studio based in Vancouver, B.C. They excel at solving visual problems for clients worldwide. They are skilled at animating words to coincide with images to tell a story. Their vast portfolio is testament to thesr experience and varied techniques.
Global Mechanic / PBS Kids "Scribbles & Ink"Game Promo
PBS teamed up with its member station WGBH Boston and Global Mechanic to launch an interactive kids series called "Scribble & Ink" on PBS Kids digital platform. Based on a book series by the same name from author and illustrator Ethan Long, the show lets children participate in the action with their own drawings. Global Mechanic did all the animation, coding, sound design & game and UX design.
Global Mechanic / Kia “Peace of Mind”
Global Mechanic / Lighter Blue_CANNES
“Winston” / Aram Sarkisian
Aram Sarkisian is an Armenian-American artist and filmmaker. He is a California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) alum. Aram's thesis film WINSTON (2017), was nominated for the Student Academy Awards, won best animated short at Lift-Off Season Awards, Saskatoon Film Festival, and is still nominated in dozens of international film festivals. In addition to his animation work, Aram is an illustrator and has worked as a story artist for Illumination, Marvel Entertainments, and Cartoon Network.
Heritage Minute “Kensington Market”
Global Mechanic creates first animated Heritage Minute and it already has over 500,000 Views! Historica Canada's latest Heritage Minute is out, and it sure looks different. That's because the 88th entry in the series, which highlights notable parts of Canada's culture and history, is the first to be animated. Historica Canada produced the minute with Global Mechanic, which completed work on the animation at its Vancouver studio. The Heritage Minutes are a collection of bilingual Canadian 60-second short films, each depicting a significant person, event or story in Canadian history. First released in 1991, they have been shown on television, in cinemas and online, and have become a part of Canadian culture.
Choose to Vote “Small Things”
PBS Kids “Together”