Animalada specializes in creating high-impact commercials with memorable animated characters. They also develop, produce, and license their own properties at their headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. They collaborate with their clients and business partners, to create appealing and engaging stories that align with a specific target, message, and audience.

Animalada CG Car Reel

Motion / 3d characters

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Liz Laine Reps is a full scale rep house specializing in the representation of animation and live-action studios and their directors. Contact us with any inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Liz Laine Reps
Inc. specializes in the representation of animation companies and their directors. For nearly 17 years, LLR has carved a name for itself in the niche world of animation, repping more than 20 animation studios. Some of those studios include: Global Mechanic specializing in aesthetic and artistry; Martyn Pick, with his painterly style--merging art and cinema; along with J.J. Sedelmaier, Blur Studios, and many others

Most recently Liz Laine Reps has added Tippett Studio, Goodbye Kansas, and Not To Scale to its roster.
Liz Laine Shaw
After receiving a degree in film, Liz Shaw began her career by writing, producing and directing various films, including the nationally syndicated documentary for PBS. She moved on to working in various capacities on feature films and eventually took a staff job with a commercial production company. There, Liz line produced and, between gigs, was introduced to the roll of a sales rep. Liz moved to Chicago in 1998 where she started Liz Laine Reps, Inc., a company specializing in the representation of animation companies and their directors.