Joyrider is a production company that is known for creating captivating visual storytelling, combining performance, animation, and VFX. Through the genius of their award-winning directors, they strive to create unusual work that stands out and inspires. Since their inception in November 2004, they have endeavored to pioneer and innovate. Their directors are multifaceted and bring a fresh approach to visual styles, deftly mixing photographic and CG techniques. At the heart of their work is a hybrid approach to delivering the best they possibly can for all of their clients. They work in all areas of film production. They also believe every project is different.
Joyrider Films / Dir. Bonamaze / THE-SOUND-OF-SKATEBOARDING---TONY-HAWK-copy
Directing Duo BONAMAZE are a one-stop-shop creative team for commercials, music videos and promotional videos. They are directors, musicians & editors, as well as creative minds constantly producing in-house content.
Naked Elephant “MV” / Reuben Sutherland
Reuben Sutherland has been making international waves in the commercial and music video arenas for over a decade. His eye-popping projects include work for Coca Cola, Ikea, McCains, Orange, PlayStation and T-Mobile. He originally earned a degree in Graphic Design, with an emphasis on photography, which he applied to a number of semi-professional pursuits – including architectural renderer and record label president – before settling into his career as a director. His »Hitchcock« video for Phoenix Foundation garnered the »Best Music Video Award« at The Ottawa Animation Festival, as well as a D&AD for great creativity for a Music Video. Reuben has an amazing eye for photography, VFX, design and illustration.
Joyrider Films / Reuben Sutherland - Hoegaarden
Playstation “We Can Do Everything” / Sojiro & Eri
Sojiro & Eri, with stunning unique visual approaches this inspiring Japanese duo are creating a storm. Sojiro is the male director and he’s 35 years old and he’s been directing from Kyoto. Eri is the female partner and she speaks English, she’s 30. Eri studied film and interactive design at the University of the Arts London. Sojiro studied animation and live action too. They both love pushing the envelope for unusual visual storytelling. They met in Tokyo where they have been building notoriety for breathtaking unique film making ever since.
“The Backstory” Joschka Laukeninks
Utilizing his passion for art direction and strong visual storytelling, Joschka likes to create weird and wonderful worlds around his characters. He cares deeply about the sound of his projects, trying to find the right atmosphere for every film. Besides his commercial work for brands such as Mercedes, VW, Otto or Samsung, Joschka accomplished to win many awards on the international short film festival circuit for his film »Backstory« that was produced and post-produced at The Marmalade.
Joyrider Films / Dir. Bonamaze / THE-SOUND-OF-ART
Kruger “Espresto” / The Marmalade
As directors collective deeply integrated into The Marmalade’s production pipeline, we service forward-thinking clients, who want to create more than a 30 second TV spot. Brands like Braun, Smart or Montblanc value our ability to direct projects that supply global campaigns with high-quality visuals, that are consistent across multiple consumer touch points. Our passion is to see the big picture and we don’t shy away from combining our individual strengths to co-direct projects that require a mix of expertise. As single directors or as a group, we strive to capture the true beauty of a brand or a product. Whether it’s the energy of a progressive fashion label, the ideas behind a well-designed device, the experience of delicious tastes or the thrill of driving that car.
Tymbark Drinks by LARA
Chupa Chups / Sojiro & Eri