Laundry is a creative and strategic partner to some of the smartest brands and agencies in the world. With offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, we are home to a diverse team of directors, designers, animators, strategists, and makers of rad things. You’re not satisfied with the status quo and neither are we. So let's do something about it.Laundry offers a suite of premium strategy, branding, design, animation, and VFX services. Bound by no hard-and-fast rules, our house aesthetic shines in a California state of mind. It comes from being a forward-thinking, eclectic team of artists who share an eye for bold and colorful visual language - and a whim for stories and characters that spark curiosity. We love helping our brand and entertainment clients find the best way to put their story in motion, and we get there with a “Go West” spirit.Design • Animation • Strategy • Branding • VFX • Story & Character Development
Laundry / Honda - CR-V 2020 Murals
Laundry / EA Sports - NHL/NBA/NFL
Laundry / Reel 2020
Laundry / Billie Elish - ADBE_Syn_Dir_Cut_002_061619
Laundry / Reel 2019
Laundry / Beats "Colors"
Laundry / Summit Bumbaya
Laundry / Apple AirPods
Laundry / 7Up_Sizzle
Laundry / SyFy_Sizzle