With offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Masters & Savant is one of South Africa’s leading design, animation and production companies. They are serious about solutions, creating ad campaigns across all electronic and printed media.
ALBINO CREATIONS - Exceptional is Rare
Albino Creation / animation, illustration and design, created this sleek and surprising promo for their studio. And we love it!
2D Character Showcase
Traditional illustration and animation have undergone a resurgence in recent years. New talent brings a fresh approach to styles as divergent as black-and-white pencil or pen-and-ink illustrations and full-colour painted styles, vector art and more. Our team has worked across local and international campaigns as well as commissions for international magazine and press publications.
3D Character Showcase
3D has been the watchword in animation since Pixar Studios revolutionised the art two decades ago. Beginning with initial sketches, running through character designs, model-sheets, colour studies, modelling, rigging and performance, building 3D characters that inspire genuine emotional connections takes a solid chain of innovative design, combined with engaging and nuanced performance. While some characters are wholly new, others may already be firmly imprinted on the public’s consciousness. A brand mascot, for example, requires specialised care when undergoing transition from two to three dimensions. We can direct and produce the process from beginning to end — or just those parts you require — in a variety of styles: photo-real or cartoon, luminous colour or muted tones; smooth, scaled or furry; wet or dry. Illustrators, 3D modellers, texture and lighting specialists and animators work together to bring your character from drawing board to final vision.
CG Creatures Showcase
Mystical or mundane, computer-generated images (CGI) are incorporated into live-action footage in the studio every day. To create this illusion seamlessly and believably takes involvement from start to finish: from scene planning to on-set supervision; through character design, modelling, rigging, animation, lighting and compositing. Our teams will make real anything your imagination can devise. We’ll work with you to design your perfect creature, working it into the technical elements of the scene and bringing it to vibrant life through high-quality animation. From integration into commercials and web video to single shots or entire scenes in long-form productions, our talented directors and teams cover the whole process, synthesising breathtaking character design with engaging and believable performance.
Masters & Savant Talent Showcase
Masters & Savant represents top talent from South Africa and beyond, across multiple visual disciplines including live-action, visual effects, motion graphics, traditional animation, 3D animation and more — all in one place. We provide everything from technical input to specialist co-production to full project treatments, ultimately delivering your vision and moving your audience — on time and on budget. Browse our talent showreels to find the perfect match for your project — or bring us your script for recommendations: we’ll assign the team that’s right for the job and raring to get started. Whether your project is big or small, niche or multidisciplinary, we have the talent to bring it to life.