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Liz Laine Reps Inc. specializes in the representation of animation companies and their directors. For nearly 20 years, LLR has carved a name for itself in the niche world of animation, repping more than 20 animation studios. Some of those studios include: Global Mechanic specializing in aesthetic and artistry; Tippett Studio, a leading animation and VFX company known for their character work; along with J.J. Sedelmaier, Blur Studios, Roof Studio, and many others.  Most recently Liz Laine Reps has added SEHSUCHT, Seed and Art&Graft to its roster.

Liz Shaw / Chicago, Illinois   EMAIL 312-961-4444

After receiving a degree in film, Liz Shaw began her career by writing, producing and directing various films, including the nationally syndicated documentary for PBS. She moved on to working in various capacities on feature films and eventually took a staff job with a commercial production company. There, Liz line produced and, between gigs, was introduced to the roll of a sales rep. Liz moved to Chicago in 1998 where she started Liz Laine Reps, Inc., a company specializing in the representation of animation companies and their directors. Since that time Liz has expanded her company well beyond it's Midwest roots, with companies and associates throughout the world. She received an Emmy nomination for an animated opening sequence she produced for Women of 1915, a documentary about women survival during the Armenian Genocide. And she continues to look for creative outlets in commercials, digital, experimental, long form, feature and Everything Animation, for her talented and diverse roster.

Henrik Von Muller / Stuttgart, Germany   EMAIL

Henrik has over 15 years of production experience from high-end CGI, motion graphics, stop trick, postproduction, live action and immersive content creation. As a trained graphic designer, graduate media manager and experienced executive producer/managing director, he considers himself the ideal intermediary between the creative, consulting and production departments.  In order to immerse himself completely in the colorful world of animation, he decided to team with Liz Shaw in early 2021 as a digital content consultant, representing outstanding design driven studios & directors in German-speaking countries and across Europe. Advising direct clients as well as agencies on pitching, budgeting, tendering and service provider selection. He has gained a impressive list of projects for international clients such as Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Charmin, Mercedes, Disney, Ferrero, Fox, Google, IBM, Lexus, Nike, Nissan, P&G, Playmobil, Playstation, Peugeot, Porsche, SAP, SKY, Telekom, Ubisoft, Unilever, VW, ZDF, etc.    He is based in Stuttgart Germany with deep connections within the prolific German, Swiss and Austria advertising market.
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