You can call us TONIC DNA - fresh and dynamic Directors ’N Animators. We are a full-service, award-winning studio based in Montreal and clients and collaborators around the globe.
Animated stories crafted with personality, warmth and wit.

Seed’s focus is on character and story, with a liberal sprinkling of personality, warmth and wit. These are their magic seeds, and it’s how they engage your viewers.

AIM Creative Studios is an animation driven production company focused on the creation of digital content for cross-platform communication and entertainment. With a diverse repartoire of capabilities and eclective team of illustrators, AIM makes art out of animation
Global Mechanic is an award-winning animation studio based in Vancouver, B.C. They excel at solving visual problems for clients worldwide. They are skilled at animating words to coincide with images to tell a story. Their vast portfolio is testament to their experience and varied techniques.
We are a design centric studio providing richly detailed projects for commercials and broadcast media utilizing Animation, Live-Action, 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion, and VFX. Our name is a reflection of our belief that the collaborative process between artists, agencies and clients is just as important as the final result.
We’re a global, design-driven animation production company which thrives on creating award-winning animated content both for online & offline use.
Artists, creators and innovators who develop visual experiences for all medias.  Founded in 2000, Sehsucht is an integrated creative production studio delivering top notch vfx, character animation, photo-real, live action and design.  With offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, our specialist team of creative talents and movers & shakers deliver the whole range of creative content. Unique and distinctive through the fusion of storytelling, design and technical execution, always on a state-of-the-art level.
With offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Masters & Savant is one of South Africa’s leading design, animation and production companies. They are serious about solutions, creating ad campaigns across all electronic and printed media.
We give life to your imagination, using every kind of materials around us, with accurate and unique style we create videos, stills and installations,
from the idea to the final touch. 

Founded by award-winning creative leaders, Zillion combines the narrative filmmaking prowess of a top-tier production company with the artistic innovation, efficiency, and convenience of an all-in-one studio — excelling in both single-stage directing projects and concept-to-delivery partnerships. 
Benjamin creates captivating and witty animated shorts, titles, and branded entertainment - bringing history to life using a dimensional cutout technique with archival images and original art. His work has a magical and decidedly handmade feel. He has created works for clients ranging from to Hyundai to The History Channel.

Jay Karas directs both comedy and drama, in a variety of mediums: hours and half hours, commercials, stand-up specials, and feature films.
For over thirty years, Tippett Studio has continuously maintained its position as a leading animation and visual effects company by working collaboratively with clients to provide elite services in the areas of character animation, visual effects, environments, and commercials. Simultaneously, we continue to innovate and keep pace with emerging forms of media such as mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality and special venue projects such as theme park rides and large-scale media projection.

Blur Studio is an award-winning production company based in Culver City, California.   Established in 1995, Blur is built on a solid foundation of artistic excellence and technical ingenuity.  Producing stunning live action, animation, visual effects and design for any media platform is the heart and soul of our culture.  Committed to our clients, our people and telling great stories, we continue to evolve as a go-to resource for studios, game developers and advertisers that demand standout visual content.