We’re a global, design-driven animation production company which thrives on creating award-winning animated content both for online & offline use. Our goal? To help brands achieve new heights thanks to compelling storytelling and distinct design. We partner with the most prominent ad agencies, publishers, production houses and global brands. Our clients list includes The New York Times, Universal Music Group, Riot Games, Durex, Subaru, Nickelodeon, Panasonic, Macmillan Publishers, Pearson, L’Occitane, Vattenfall and Singapore Airlines.High-end designs and successful visual storytelling are the propelling forces we use to create content that makes the change. But they also change us, make us better, keep us open, creative and thirsty for more.Welcome to our world of design and animation.
BluBlu / Manifesto Vol. 2 - Out Of The Park
BluBlu / North Shore "Living Herbs"
BluBlu / L'Occitane - TerraCycle
A video promoting new L’Occitane TerraCycle packaging. L'Occitane is paying huge attention to the environmental issues we face today. In collaboration with Analog/Digital Agency and Pete McDonald, BluBlu created an exceptional animated ad that shares a very beautiful dream - to live on a planet without waste.
BluBlu / Serbin Creative + Directory of Illustration
Directory of Illustration is much more than just a book. It’s an extensive marketing program for artists incorporating both analog and digital media. Story-wise conveying that message was our main goal and BluBlu did that by depicting assets belonging to a digital space through analog allegories.
BluBlu / Tabu Equity Investments
When Tabu asked BluBlu to produce a high quality 2D animation, with marijuana as its main theme, we knew that the topic was a bit risky. The main challenge was to emphasize (verbally and visually) that they do not present cannabis as a narcotic, but as a plant with great healing potential. So they decided to use more "serious" style, but with rich colors and 3D compositing. Everything complemented by cel animation and 3D elements. VO script supplied by the client, everything else made by BluBlu.
BluBlu / The New York Times + Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has built its status on the ethos of a “Singapore Girl”. It’s a set of noble assets, beliefs, and behaviors each SA employee and cabin crew member possesses. The airline wanted to emphasize that message via an article created in collaboration with T Brand Studio for The New York Times. BluBlu was responsible for creative & art direction, concepts, final design, and animation.
BluBlu / Kiehl's Pride 2020
To help New York skincare brand Kiehl’s Since 1851 celebrate Pride this year BluBlu worked with PLUS to bring to life the illustrations of Lucy Kirk. Their job was to bring the colorful cast of characters to life as a fun and vibrant street parade in New York’s East Village.
BluBlu / Purina - Best Nutrition
When you open a bag of food for your pet, you need to know it’s a product of superb quality. The key to providing it with the best nutrition is to choose producers that pay special attention not only to the quality of the ingredients but also their origin. Together with Reframe, BluBlu created a series of animated videos for Purina.
BluBlu / Monetha
BluBlu Studios was reached out by Monetha to create a 2D animation about their C2C transactions platform that uses blockchain technology. The main goal of the project communication-wise was to present modern technology as a tool to build trust between sellers and buyers. They used detailed and colorful backgrounds to refer to the times before the Internet and to emphasize that at that time trust was gained by building interpersonal relations. In order to present the way C2C platform works, they replaced complicated backgrounds with simplicity and more high-tech looking 3D elements. Project made end-to-end --- from scriptwriting to final execution.
BluBlu / 7ojozat
7ojozat is the first hotel booking search engine in the Middle East - Arabic leader in booking online. BluBlu created their newest promotional video targeted at Middle East markets.