JELLY is a creative production company with over 15 years of experience bringing brilliantly crafted animation and illustration to life.  
We represent a broad array of exceptionally talented directors and have an expansive network of illustrators and designers. They excel at working to brief and creating beautiful visual solutions for our clients. 
With a presence in both London & New York, JELLY oversees the full production of each project from start to finish, ensuring the same high level of attention and output that we do for brands such as Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Pepsi, SWATCH, Volkswagen, Google, Apple, Cadburys, Ray-Ban, and many more.  
We are problem-solvers who work closely with our clients in a collaborative manner to deliver top quality creative… and we do our best to be a lot of fun to work with too.
Jelly / Elm0 - Perrier Jouet "Grapes"
Jelly / dir. Neil Stubbings 'Redbreast Irish Whiskey'
JELLY / Niceshit - "Permission to Move"
JELLY/ Everyone’s Favourite - MTV Artist Ident - Pool Party
A Summer ident for the iconic music channel
JELLY / Studio Desk "Flatten the Curve"
JELLY / Em Cooper - Berghaus "Escape"
Escape the bustling city streets with Em Cooper's oil painted TVC for Berghaus.
Jelly / Niceshit - Chateau St. Michelle "French Riviera"
For Chateau Ste. Michelle's Covid'fied Summer campaign, Niceshit studio collaborated with the well-known West Coast wine brand to expand upon their visual aesthetic and personality in creating light-hearted, true-to-the-times animated TV spots for their Summer campaign. The result are a series of characterful hand-drawn animation - clean, yet stylized, flirty and cheeky, yet modern and mature. Summer vibes this way.
JELLY / Niceshit - Five New Ways To Greet Someone
We’re all going through a difficult time at the moment; our lives and our habits have been disrupted and we are having to learn new ways to behave daily. In response, studio Niceshit created this short passion film last week, as the full impact of Covid-19 began to be felt globally. One major behavior that’s been impacted is the simple way we greet one another. In Barcelona, where Niceshit are based, they are used to giving long hugs, complicated handshakes, and tons of kisses – all of which started to feel somehow inappropriate and unsafe. In collaboration with CNN’s Sarah-Grace Mankarious, they wrote, designed, directed, and animated this lighthearted and uplifting film about new no-contact greetings, ending with a PSA to direct those viewers needing more facts. We hope you’ll enjoy * e-high five *
JELLY / Niceshit - MTV Idents "A Heart's Heart"
MTV commissioned Niceshit to create another Artist ID animation, this time the keywords were: World Cup, Anxiety & Purple. Check! Check! and Check! With this unusual and always desired level of creative freedom, they decided to go full 3D with frame by frame animation.
JELLY / Niceshit - Wet Martini - INSTAGRAM
"Meet our newest friend Olivier, a naughty little olive who’s only goal is to get a good laugh out of you…hopefully three! Born out of one of those magic moments in the studio, where a quirky whiteboard drawing unchains a bigger plan. It feels real good to share this today and we hope you enjoy it. Made with much love, Niceshit"
JELLY / Niceshit - Ketel One "The Journey, Drink Marvelously"
FIG rebrands Ketel One Vodka using hand-drawn animation from studio Niceshit
JELLY / Design Lad - NBA Time
A playful CG social spot to celebrate the start of a new NBA season