With offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Masters & Savant is one of South Africa’s leading design, animation and production companies. They are serious about solutions, creating ad campaigns across all electronic and printed media.
Masters & Savant / Android - iPager
M&S's team, headed by the incredibly talented Christopher Lockhart produced this multi-asset campaign for Google's website initiative that started a year ago called “Get The Message”, which was a public call for Apple to adopt RCS - a messaging standard that would allow better texting interoperability between Android and iOS devices. DAVID Miami invited Masters & Savant to pitch on their new integrated campaign to bring this message to greater awareness. Every September, Apple unveils a new iPhone to the world. DAVID’s idea was to use this same period to launch a parody product called “iPager” - a humorous throwback to the 90’s when portability was a novelty and SMS was king. From the very first treatment presentation, M&S already had a device designed and a ton of gags to propose. They built a visual style that leaned in hard to the Apple aesthetic, with clean type, smooth transitions and visuals dominated by the device. M&S threw in some extra ideas, with novelty case colors, dated catchphrases and corny features. In the end Chris Lockhart and M&S delivered visuals and final production artwork for the main video, packaging renders, and digital and static billboards. Building off the hero video asset, they also created multiple cutdowns and shorter scripts in square and vertical video for distribution across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter/X. The campaign launched a week after the iPhone 15 reveal - with fantastic reactions and enjoyment across social media.
Masters & Savant / Motif - Jif "The Return" dir. by Dave Meyers
Masters & Savant / Polycat - Volkswagen - Mzanz-Verse
Masters & Savant / Chris Lockhart - AXE Chill
Masters & Savant / Polycat - Serum "Muta Toads"
Masters & Savant / Albino Creations - Infiniti CPO
Masters & Savant / Polycat - Sauza "Get Busy Living"
Meet “Don Esqueleto,” the new CG brand ambassador for Sauza cocktails. Don Esqueleto is entirely CG, created in a stop-motion style, with photo-real textures that mimic a stop-motion miniature. He was developed from scratch in close collaboration with Highdive creatives in the US and UK.Their CG approach meant that the creatives could craft Don Esqueleto’s performances in a way that would not have been possible using actual stop-motion, at least not without resorting to expensive reshoots, resulting in a wickedly relatable character.
Masters & Savant / Chris Lockhart - Old Mutual Insure "The Toy Maker"
Masters & Savant / Motif - Reebok "The SneAKA"
Masters & Savant / Nederburg_motorcycle_marvel
Masters & Savant /
Masters & Savant / Bakers---Precious-Biscuits
Masters & Savant / Jannes Hendrikz "Alice Madness Returns 2"