With offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Masters & Savant is one of South Africa’s leading design, animation and production companies. They are serious about solutions, creating ad campaigns across all electronic and printed media.
Masters & Savant / Albino Creations - Infiniti CPO
Masters & Savant in partnership with Laundry/ Lost Ark - Sizzle
Masters & Savant / Polycat - Sauza "Get Busy Living"
Meet “Don Esqueleto,” the new CG brand ambassador for Sauza cocktails. Don Esqueleto is entirely CG, created in a stop-motion style, with photo-real textures that mimic a stop-motion miniature. He was developed from scratch in close collaboration with Highdive creatives in the US and UK.Their CG approach meant that the creatives could craft Don Esqueleto’s performances in a way that would not have been possible using actual stop-motion, at least not without resorting to expensive reshoots, resulting in a wickedly relatable character.
Masters & Savant / Motif - Jif "The Return" dir. by Dave Meyers
Masters & Savant / Chris Lockhart - Old Mutual Insure "The Toy Maker"
Masters & Savant / Hollard - Changemakers
Masters & Savant / Max the Energy Ogre - The Menu
Masters & Savant / Motif - Reebok "The SneAKA"
Masters & Savant / Motif - Night Drives
Masters & Savant / Bakers---Precious-Biscuits
Masters & Savant / Nederburg_motorcycle_marvel
Masters & Savant /
Masters & Savant / Jannes Hendrikz "Alice Madness Returns 2"
Masters & Savant / Clover3
Masters & Savant / RMB-Solutionist-Thinking