Experts in multiple film disciplines, we are an acclaimed international studio who passionately develop and craft beautiful engaging stories, communications and experiences for audiences everywhere. We enjoy working directly with Agencies, Channels and Brands to conceptualise, produce and deliver talked-about creative content that can be integrated to work across every possible media platform.
Not To Scale / Dunkin' Donuts - Extra Charged
Not To Scale / Wacom - The Creative Journey
Not To Scale and Iris collaborated to produce a beautiful 2D animated film for WACOM Cintiq, entitled" The Creative Journey." Directed by Not To Scale's BAT, the film tells the story of the typical journey and endeavors that an artist takes to begin their career, from initial style development, to rejections and the downs of a creative career, and created n an illustrative style that reflects the capability and versatility of Cintiq as a creative tool.
Not To Scale - KLIMPA / Ennismorre
Not To Scale 2d & stop motion directors Klimpa worked with Ennismore to create a fun film for their new brand Working From_ The lobbies of the Hoxton Hotels have been the unofficial work space of choice for laptop warriors since opening in 2006. Taking that ethos one step further Ennismore have developed a new shared workspace called Working From_ for The Hoxton, Southwark and The Hoxton, Chicago. The workspace is designed to feel like working from home but without any of the distractions; not a ‘one size fits all workspace’ but a flexible membership to suit any metier big or small. Ben Quinton’s stylish photography of the The Hoxton, Southwark was used as background to Klimpa’s 2d animated characters and married with stop motion and 2d elements. This was an ingenious way to create a fresh and unique look and the blend of techniques make the film feel more engaging and quirky, in keeping with the laidback and informal feel of the brand.
Not To Scale - Lobster / The Art of Coffee 720
This is a journey from berry picking to grinding and metamorphosis into a liquid. A path made of discoveries and engineering, of how each culture approaches its consumption in an elegant and different ritual. The world of coffee is full of aromas, flavour and design. Lobster's goal was to turn one of these many stories into a delicate visual and sound experience. We recommend to savour while the coffee flows from the moka.
Nickelodeon “Nikos Idents” / Ronda
In this micro-world, hidden somewhere off the beaten track, tiny and hairy characters live different adventures amidst a wide variety of vegetation.
Isle of Dogs / Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Our fantastic stop-motion director Anthony Farquhar-Smith returned as a key animator for Wes Anderson on the recently released and much-lauded Isle of Dogs, following his work on the 2009 triumph, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The charming, staggeringly elaborate stop-motion film tells the story a 12-year-old boy, Atari Kobayashi, and his search for his beloved dog. Spots, along with all other dogs from Megasaki City, have been exiled to Trash Island by the evil mayor Kobayashi, Atari’s uncle and guardian. Those of you amongst the 50,000-odd who visited the accompanying exhibition at London’s 180 The Strand will have encountered 17 genuine sets and characters in various of the four scale sizes created for the film, including the Kubrick-inspired white laboratory that Anthony worked on.
Asics “A Shot At The Title” / Hello Savants
Not To Scale LA, Hello Savants and Saatchi & Saatchi LA bring to life an episode in the ‘Sole of Kobe’ film series celebrating the Heritage and Future of the ASICS brands, as part of the centennial commemoration of the ingenuity and philosophies of company founder Kihachiro Onitsuka. Directors Hello Savants interpret traditional Japanese watercolour techniques through the language of contemporary animation, in the wonderfully realised ‘A Shot at the Title’ sequence which explains how Onitsuka-san came to create his iconic basketball shoe. Via beautiful illustrations we discover how, upon eating his mother’s homemade octopus salad and realising the strength of each tentacle’s suction cups, inspiration struck on how to increase the grip on his footwear’s sole. Hello Savants use a crossover approach of traditional frame-by-frame animation, real footage of watercolour ink and digital 2D and 3D elements. Animating delicate watercolour brush strokes and organic shapes for each scene, they apply transitions that are natural and fluid while always emphasising the shape of the shoe. The use of overlapping layers elegantly integrated into this painterly environment conveys a perception of depth throughout the story.
Bird “The Line Painter” / BAT
The story of Roy, a hard-working line painter. The story unfolds to show our protagonist’s journey from painter to hero, helping to free the Bird riders from the pollution and stress of their commute and show frazzled drivers that there is another way to travel to work. BAT’s (Directing duo Bali and Mat) stunning character design, suffused lighting and powerful narrative elevate a recognisable everyday scene of commuting to work into an engaging and emotionally led story.
American Express “Gold” / Colin Hesterly
Cartier “Odyssee” / Mirari
Nickelodeon “Idents” / Ronda
Ronda was asked to create a series of ID’s for Nickelodeon with the idea of constructing characters with each of the letters from the Nick logo. The challenge was to design attractive characters based on the shapes of the logo.
Osmo “Me, Mo and Osmo” / Pierre + Bertrand
Pierre + Bertrand introduce kids across the USA to friendly Mo the Monster and the award-winning educational iPad games in the colourful world of “Me, Mo and Osmo” created by the Silicon Valley startup. With both the animation and live action produced out of Not To Scale Amsterdam with WE ARE Pi, the spot was co-created with children who help cure animated game character Mo of his hiccups, unleashing their creativity to solve problems with their drawings.