Songs for Film & T.V. is a music services agency specializing in music supervision, music production and music curation. We are driven to help our clients tell their stories through music. Our roster of composers and artists and our relationships around the world with independent / major music labels, publishers, composers, djs, recording artists, producers, and managers provide us with an endless supply of music resources and solutions for our clients.

Since our launch in 2010 we have secured thousands of placements in advertising, film, television and video games for clients such as Fitbit, Apple, AT&T, BMW, Comcast, Facebook, Reebok, MINI, Sheraton, Massage Envy, REI, Revlon, Blue Moon, Google, Nationwide, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Marriott, Gevalia, Under Armour, Hershey’s, Pepsi, 3M, PlayStation, Absolute, Phillips 76 / Conoco and American Idol. Network television and film studio clients include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, MTV, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, FX, Bravo, AMC, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros. …….
Songs for Film & TV / Kat McDowell - Xfinity "iPad Hiro"
Production Company: SMUGGLER Directed by: Guy Shelmerdine Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners SFTV were granted permission by Jack White to do a cover version of “We Are Going to Be Friends” by The White Stripes. they had the incredibly talented team of Kat McDowell and K.S. Rhoads create the cover. Kat translated and sang the song in Japanese, her native language. The song works perfectly to reflect the emotional state of the main character “Hiro” as he makes the transition into an American school. He deals with the language barrier by using the iPad as a communication device to make new friends. Although the song is sung in Japanese for the majority of the spot, they finish in English with the line, “I can tell that we are gonna be friends.”
Songs for Film & TV / Devin Gati - Fitbit "Versa 2"
Production Company: Biscuit Directed by: Isaiah Seret Agency: Argonaut SFTV were brought into the project to create an original score for the launch of the Fitbit “Versa 2” Campaign. The task was to create a music bed that felt modern and fresh with pulsing, driving momentum. Linear but laced with instrumental parts that accent the spot along the way. Composer / music producer / DJ, Devin Gati created a great track and ended up being one of the top Shazam’d tracks of the week from a television commercial.
Songs for Film & TV / Cliff Martinez - Westin "Up Before The Sun"
Production Company: a52 Directed by: Mark Molloy Agency: Venables Bell & Partners The agency was looking for something different and not predictable for this beautifully created spot by the amazing team at a52. The visual effects were created to mimic an impossible single camera move that takes the viewer through a city landscape and ends up at a Westin Hotel room. The composer, Cliff Martinez (The Knick, Drive, War Dogs, Only God Forgives) created a modern score with a syncopated trance like feel to it. From the start there is a beeping sound incorporated into the music that is finally revealed to be the sound of the alarm clock waking up the hotel guest.
Songs for Film & TV / - MEELS - Nexcare "All Kinds of Tough"
Production Company: Epoch Films Directed by: Duncan Winecoff Agency: Venables Bell & Partners SFTV were brought into this project to create an original song inspired by Ben Abraham’s “Songbird.” In the outro of “Songbird” Ben sings “Show ‘em what you’re made of,” this melody and lyric were the inspiration for creating our version of the song. SFTV brought in 15 year old artist MEELS to create and sing the new composition entitled “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of.” They wanted to capture a very raw track so we recorded MEELS in her bedroom with one mic and an acoustic guitar into a laptop. The song was soon approved by agency and client and went on to provide music for this global campaign.
Songs for Film & TV / Mauricio Gasca - Sheraton "The Deep"
Production Company: a52 Directed by: Mark Molloy Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Composer Mauricio Gasca composed a lovely film score-esque piece for this beautifully shot spot. The idea was to give the music a cinematic feel in the front and take the music to a playful place as the plot morphs from dramatic to tongue in cheek.
Songs for Film & TV/ Big Data - Reebok “Kaleidoscope”
Production Company: The Mill Directed by: Manija Emran Agency: Venables Bell & Partners SFTV were asked to help find a track that would be the driving force for the animation. they presented the agency with a track from the band Big Data called “The Business of Emotion.” The agency and client loved the idea of remixing the track to create the perfect rhythmic template for the animators to work with. SFTV found the best flow and elements to choose from within the track to create a fun and driving version that plays perfectly with picture.
Songs for Film & TV / Samsung "Sunset"
Production Company: Anonymous Content Directed by: Johnny Green Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners This spot was all about vibe and finding a track that had swagger but in laid back way to help support the main character’s “contemplative cool vibe.” Drawing from our indie band vortex we matched Norway’s Orions Belte with their song “Joe Fraser” with this beautiful spot. The music adds the perfect vibe as it becomes its own character in the story.
Songs for Film & TV / Judith Hill - Renaissance "Discover This Way"
Production Company: Society Directed by: Joachim Zunke Agency: Venables Bell & Partners The heartbeat of this campaign was to tie an up and coming artist to the brand, make a full length video starring the artist and create cut-downs that would be used for the global campaign. SFTV found the perfect fit with artist Judith Hill. Judith’s single “Upside” was to be released at the same time as the launch of the campaign. The client was so taken by Judith and the song “Upside,” that they created additional social, radio and live events that feature Judith Hill and her music.
Songs for Film & TV / Xfinity "Rendezvous"
Production Company: MJZ Directed by: Nick Ball Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners The spot pulls all the strings of a John Hughes film. Rather than fall into the predictable 80s track world we presented vintage tracks to the agency to give the spot a bit of classic flavor. The agency fell in love with the track “Go Where My Baby Lives” by The Strollers from 1957. The track plays perfectly with the script as a young man sneaks up to his girlfriend’s room at midnight and is busted by her dad.
Songs for Film & TV / Blue Moon “Something’s Brewing - Family of The Year”
Production Company: MJZ Directed by: Dante Ariola Agency: Venables Bell & Partners This Blue Moon campaign was all about featuring people that create for a living and this spot was all about music. The task was to find a indie band that could appear in the spot in addition to licensing their track. After a few great candidates for this we landed on the band Family of The Year with their song “Carry Me.” As the song plays throughout the spot the lead singer narrates the creative process behind the art of songwriting.