Tippett Studio is a premier visual effects, animation, and media production studio based in Berkeley, California, USA.Animation pioneer Phil Tippett and partner Jules Roman founded Tippett Studio in 1984. From humble beginnings, Tippett Studio has become a world-class visual effects company.  We produce a broad range of high quality media for a global market, from large format entertainment for motion based rides to feature films, commercials and apps for mobile devices. A multi-Academy Award winner, Phil’s career began with the Star Wars Trilogy. He designed, built and hand-animated sequences for Robocop 1&2, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Ghostbusters 2. The advent of CG animation arrived in the form of the legendary Steven Spielberg film, Jurassic Park. Phil and the studio played a central role in bringing the dinosaurs to life for the movie and it became a defining moment in the history of the industry as filmmakers turned to the possibilities presented by CG. 

Cheetos "Sweetos"
Jeep "Jurassic"
Tippett Studio animated our old friend, the T-Rex, for director Colin Trevorrow in this well received Super Bowl LII crossover spot for Jeep. In collaboration with Pony Show Entertainment, Tippett Studio partnered with DDB Chicago to connect the 1993 film with the 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom bad boy, with a twist. Colin Trevorrow worked on-set with Tippett VFX Supervisor Matt Jacobs and Executive Producer Paul Grimshaw, while the visual effects and animation team at Tippett Studio, on an accelerated schedule, hastened to get the shots together in time for the Big Game.
Intel "Warcraft"
Tippett Studio animated the mighty Ogrim Doomhammer into modern day Beijing for Intel China. In collaboration with Legendary Entertainment, Tippett Studio partnered with Ogilvy Beijing for this multi-faceted advertising campaign that marries the fantasy of Warcraft with the high-powered technology of modern China. With live-action sequences shot in Tianjin and Beijing, the spots feature a roaring Orgrim’s pursuit of a hapless Warcraft gamer through a bustling Chinese metropolis, including a life-sized set of an underground train station custom-built for the shoot.
Dodge "Not So Fast & Furious"
Tippett Studio worked with director Peter Farrelly, Doner and Caviar Content to create a standout mascot for a new Dodge Law campaign starring Richard Rawlings of Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud.” The fully CG character, named the Gas Monkey, was designed, modeled and animated entirely at Tippett Studio to interact seamlessly with the live action