WTBR is a full-service production company headquartered in California.Founded in 2015, we’ve produced commercials and branded content allover the world (US, China, Cuba, France, Portugal, Ghana, and Uganda)for clients of all types and sizes (Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, WWE, CharlesSchwab, Starbucks, Cheetos, SeaVees, California Olive Ranch,SodaStream, Hulu, and The National Parks Service, to name a few).Our philosophy: Be good people. Make good things.

WTBR / Android - Being Human is...The Magic Makers
"Being Human Is" tells the stories of individuals united in their desire to dream bigger and in their ability to go out and make these dreams come true. This docu-series focuses on the possibilities these incredible people brought to life when they decided that nothing could hold them back. There are 5 episode each revealing an extraordinary human, and created with unique animation styles. This one "The Magic Makers" was directed by Tuesday McGowen and Nico Carbonaro.
WTBR / Luna "Anthem"
WTBR / Airbnb "We Accept" - Superbowl
WTBR / Dropbox - Sundance Film
WTBR / Sodastream Tracker
WTBR - Robinhood "Animal Lover"
WTBR / SeaVees "Cameraman"
WTBR - Billiam "Jeans"